Here you will find useful information to plan events during Leather Pride Week in San Francisco, and what you need to know about participating in the Leather Pride Fest and other activities.

Daily Schedule

For all street events, and commemorative events celebrated in community centers, bars and public venues:  plan your perfect Leather Pride Week visit now using our Leather Pride Fest Planner or in our official Leather Pride Fest 2022 app!

FAQs / Festival Information

Have questions about the Leather Pride Fest or Leather Pride Week events? We’ve got you covered! What can I bring to the walk?  Where can I get tickets for special events and parties?  Can I bring my emotional support Iguana?  Visit our FAQ’s page for all the answers to most questions.  If you have an important question not addressed by our FAQ, please use the instructions provided on our FAQ’s page to submit your question and receive a response.

Bag Policy

Street events as well as events in bars and other venues will be gated and secured by checkpoints which include a general inspection of bags and backpacks in order to maintain your security and the safety of all participants.  Obviously, this process does cause a delay for those who may need to bring a change of gear, clothing or other items with them for use during the event.  We do everything possible to provide attendees with access to important resources including a variety of foods, beverages, sunscreen, first-aid items, gear, internet access, recharging stations and restroom facilities so that you can remain as free as possible to enjoy all there is to see and do.  We  prefer that attendees come bag free, but we realize that is not always practical.

Help us to help you enjoy Leather Pride Week by only bringing the following types and sizes of bags, as outlined in our bag policy.

Transportation Information

Parking is extremely limited in San Francisco’s downtown area, generally, and far more difficult during events around Leather Pride Week.  We do not recommend driving to San Francisco’s Leather Week events  and instead encourage using public transportation, shuttle services, ride shares, scooters and bikes. We have partnered with UBER to provide attendees who have purchased tickets or travel packages to attend sponsored events with discounted and/or complimentary round-trip, point-to-point transfers to and from their hosted origin. For detailed information, maps and directions on how to get to specific events, visit the transportation section attached to each scheduled event.

Use our event planner to organize your trip and automatically receive recommendations giving you the best options for getting to and from events for each day you attend Leather Pride Week.

Leather Pride Fest 2022 App

The official Leather Pride Fest 2022 app is here – build your schedule, purchase tickets, tours and packages, explore the map, pre-order merch, and scope out your food and beverage options for any day of the event using mobile ordering.

Download the iOS App

Download the Android App

Wristband Do’s & Don’ts

Wristbands will be provided to all ticket holders to facilitate entry to all sponsored events!  Review our Do’s and Don’ts to keep your wristband safe!

  • DO shower with it, it’s waterproof!
  • DON’T take it off – Wristbands are non-transferable and non-exchangeable.
  • DO take care of your wristband and treat it like cash. Wristbands will not be replaced if lost or stolen.
  • DON’T cut or twist any part of your wristband, it will fray (cut wristbands will NOT be reissued for any reason).

Box Office Hours

SF Eagle / Eagle Plaza – (located at 398 12th ST, in San Francisco’s South of Market District (SoMa):

  • Wednesday  9/12 – 3pm – 6pm
  • Thursday  9/14 – 3pm – 6pm
  • Friday  9/15 – 3pm – 6pm
  • Saturday  9/16 – 1pm – 6pm
  • Sunday 9/17 – Will Call

All passes are available online and can be downloaded to your mobile device for easy access and validation before and during all events.  Visit our box office if you still need to pick up your pass!  Located at the SF Eagle. A limited number of passes will be available for purchase at the box office and at partner venues until they are sold out.

Festival Map

Check out the Leather Pride Fest ‘23 – Map for entrances, stages, food, beverage stations and other fun.

Cash / Credit Policy

Leather Pride Walk vendors and beverage stations accept all major debit and credit cards, including Apple Pay and cash.  Mobile ATMs are also available at specific points and in bars and shops indicated within the event footprint on the area map.

Health & Safety

In compliance with the City and County of San Francisco, the festival does not currently have any mandated COVID-19 policies. However, for the safety of everyone, we highly recommend that all attendees are vaccinated and boosted, and we highly encourage everyone to mask up when unable to distance from others. Please note that COVID-19 protocols are subject to change so please make sure to check here before you attend. If you are exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home!

Please Leave Animals and Pets Safely at Home

We know you love your pets and no doubt they love you and want to go with you everywhere you go.  However, street fairs, crowded bars and special events during Leather Week are mostly terrifying, noisy and sometimes even dangerous places for any non-upright-walking companion species, regardless of intelligence or temperament.  Unless they are capable of flight (i.e., griffons, pegasus, and certain magical unicorns) our four-legged friends can be inadvertently stepped on, kicked, bitten, lost, psychologically tortured and made sick by any number of hazards beyond the control of even the most careful and conscientious people guarding them.

Leather Week is a special place where humans twenty-one years of age and greater can gather and celebrate being socially communal in a consensual, pro-sexual environment.  With respect to all other species, however motivated to attend, we ask that you allow your human a little time off the leach so that they may return home to you with good stories to tell, funny pictures to show and tasty treats to share for all the times to come.

You Must be This ——-> Tall to ride this ride (21+ – only)

All attendees must be:

– an adult human (or extraterrestrials over the age of consent)
– over twenty-one (21+) y.o.
wearing shoes

in order to:

– purchase tickets,
– buy merchandise
– buy food or beverages from any vendor
– attend public or sponsored events
– enter through any gated area or checkpoint

for the duration of Leather Week.