The Leather Pride Fest 2023: Unfurling Tradition and Pride at Eagle Plaza

Greetings, Leather Community!

With anticipation building for Leather Pride Fest 2023, we are eager to highlight one of the pinnacle moments of our festival – the traditional flag raising ceremony at Eagle Plaza on September 17th, 2023. This tradition is more than just a ceremonial conclusion of the Leather Pride Walk, it’s a powerful symbol of our community’s history, resilience, unity, and continued growth.

The Tradition of the Flag Raising

The Flag Raising Ceremony has been part of Leather Pride Fest since its inception, serving as a beacon that draws the community together. It is the climactic conclusion to the Leather Pride Walk, an event that transforms the streets of San Francisco into a grand display of unity and pride.

As we gather in Eagle Plaza, heartbeats synchronize in anticipation of the Leather Pride flag’s ascent. A vibrant representation of our community, the flag is the symbol that binds us. Its seven vertical stripes each represent unique facets of our diverse identities, illustrating our collective commitment to inclusivity.

Importance of the Ceremony

The flag raising ceremony holds a paramount place in our Leather Pride Fest. It is not only a visual spectacle but also an emotional journey. The moment the flag reaches the pinnacle, it’s a powerful statement of our place in society, a proclamation that we are here, and we are proud.

The flag hoisted at Eagle Plaza is a nod to our past and a testament to our future. It acknowledges the struggles our community has faced and celebrates the victories we’ve achieved. It sends a clear message: our pride is not silent, it is vibrant, it is powerful, it is resilient, and it will continue to rise.


The Flag’s History

The Leather Pride flag, designed by Tony DeBlase in 1989, has since become a globally recognized symbol of the leather community. Its bold black, blue, and white stripes, combined with a single heart, represent elements of our community such as strength, solidarity, loyalty, and love. The flag serves as an emblem of our distinct identities, experiences, and shared values.

Conclusion of the Walk and Beginning of New Journeys

When we gather at Eagle Plaza on September 17th, it won’t just be the conclusion of our Leather Pride Walk but the beginning of many journeys. The moment the flag unfurls, we will honor our history, acknowledge our present, and pledge to create a future where everyone in our community feels safe, accepted, and celebrated.

As we watch the flag ascend this year, let us remember why we gather. We are here to celebrate our identities and our community, to demonstrate our strength, and to continuously work toward a world that respects and acknowledges our unique experiences.

This year, as every year, we invite you to be a part of this significant moment, to join us as we raise our flag and our voices. Let’s make Leather Pride Fest 2023 a momentous event that reflects our unwavering commitment to unity, diversity, and pride.

See you all at Eagle Plaza!

s members of San Francisco’s Leather community raise the Leather Flag during opening ceremonies at the start of Leather Week.

The LeatherPrideFEST ’23 celebrates its fourth year with special events, live entertainment, vendors and lots of fun during the run-up to the Folsom Street Fair.  Make your LeatherWeek a festival of Leather Pride!

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